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  • July 5, 2020


BYShivam Sahu

So the Elephant and the Dragon are again in a standoff, this time trading blows.

There has been many comparisons of the firepower of armies of both the Countries, let’s compare Ethics and Principles of both the armies.

Recently both the armies were involved in a skirmish at Galwan Valley in which 20 of were soldiers were Killed in Action ( KIA ) not before killing 35–40 of the enemy soldiers.

The Indian Army recognized it’s fallen soldiers and gave them proper respect.

See that crowd, those saluting people, they were there to pay their homage to the bravehearts who laid their lives for their motherland.

See this father, he is the father of the martyr soldier Sepoy Kundan Kumar, He is ready to send his grandsons to serve in the Army, even after the tragic loss of his son. That is sad yet proud father.

Now let’s see how the Chinese recognised their fallen soldiers.

He is the Editor in Chief of Global Times one of the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Government.

“What a goodwill gesture from them?”

That is a army that doesn’t even recognise it’s fallen soldiers.

Now let’s compare both the nation’s Army Leaders:-

This is our Army Chief General M.M. Naravane.

He himself visited forward areas of Ladakh in order to see the operational readiness of the troops and access the situation. He also visited the injureds from the Galwan Valley clash to see their condition.

He also met the local MP of Ladakh during his visit.

Leaders like these boost your morale.



Let’s see the Chinese Western Theatre( largest of all 5 theatre China is divided into) commander Zhao Zongqi

According to reports he is the one who ordered the attack on the Indian troops in Galwan.

He is one of the favourites of Xi Jinping and one of the few commanders who escaped the axing of Xi Jinping.

“Ruthless and ambitious, he is banking on his current profile and the standoff with India to reach the hallowed ranks of the CMC.”

See ,he wants to use these skirmish for his personal gain in order to climb his way up in the government.

“There goes your motivation to fight.”

.Now enough of these Ethics and Morales comparison.

Let’s compare the firepower, the thing which will matter the most on the battlefield.

This twitter user perfectly assesed both the armies.


One thing we always do wrong in comparison of both the armies is that we simply compare the total number of soldiers, aircrafts, ships, equipment both the armies have rather than the number of soldiers, aircrafts and equipments both of them can deploy in case of immediate war.

China and India both can deploy around 200,000 troops along the LAC but some of the Chinese troops also need to be in Xinjiang and Tibet region to pacify them.


G219 is their Highway that runs along their side of LAC connecting Ladakh to Tibet.



Arty here is artillery.

We have experience of using artillery in the Kargil War which saw one of the most extensive use of artillery since World War 2.


They have superior Rocket forces and we have Pinaka Multi Barrell launcher as the answer.

But still we will have upper hand in sky.


a/c means aircrafts here.

They have 4 air fields which are mostly public airports in comparison to 7–8 airfield India have which all are ALG( advanced landing grounds).

Also their airfields are also at higher heights than the Indian counterpart, which means their fighter aircraft can take off with considerably less payloads than they are capable of.




The Chinese can’t send their entire Navy to counter the Indian Navy. Indian Navy on the other hand will move into the blockade of strait of Malacca through which 80% of oil of China are transported.

Strait of Malacca can be as narrow as 4–5 kilometres at it’s narrowest points.


This is how the scenarios will most probably unfold during course of war which will be devastating for both of the countries, while the western nations will watch in amusement and delight both the emerging economic superpowers destroy each other and plung back a decade or two.

China will have more to loss than India.

India doesn’t root for war but will not back down if war is imposed on it. We are not the country which conquer or intrude in others territory but are perfectly capable of driving out the intruders from our land.


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